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Michael W Braa JD

California Licensed Private Investigator

Private investigation for cybercrimes covers a wide range of technology related services including forensics, identity theft, online bullying, harassment, and counter-surveillance.Read more. . . 

Private Investigator in Fresno

Private Investigator in Fresno

  1. Private Investigator in Fresno
  2. Private Investigator in Fresno

A private investigator who is called upon to do surveillance is engaging in a dangerous occupation.  Focusing on a vehicle being followed while driving in and out of traffic lanes while videotaping..  Read more. . .  

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Expert criminal private investigation relies on an accurate, thorough, and comprehensive approach to fact finding and collection of evidence. Read more. . . 

Michael W Braa, JD CLPI

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Private Investigator in Fresno

As a private investigator, or private detective, my practice includes civil and criminal litigation, missing persons, insurance fraud, financial crimes, privatized law enforcement, child support and safety, asset checks, personal background checks, due diligence, and more.

Our private investigators at have decades of experience in law, military, and/or law enforcement.  Read more. . .