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Digital Forensics

There is no better source of information regarding an individual than the electronic data contained within a mobile device. Inside the encrypted data on a phone, you can find location information, usernames, passwords, emails, search history, and messages – just to name a few. If you were to print this information, a typical phone would have nearly 50,000 pages of data; not including the photos and videos. Even if you manually look through a phone, it would take hours (if not days) to scroll through all of the data. Even then you could not see everything, such as deleted messages or location data. This begs the question, shouldn’t a private investigator have access to the equipment, software, and training to forensically analyze a cell phone? We think so.

State of the Art Equipment

Atlantis Private Investigations is the only private investigator in Fresno with the Cellebrite® Mobile Forensic platform. We do not send the mobile device out to a lab somewhere; we have the actual equipment and the CMFF (Cellebrite Mobile Forensic) and CCO (Certified Cellebrite Operator) certifications. This is the same platform used by local law enforcement, FBI, and the US Military to collect, evaluate, and disseminate critical mobile intelligence for use in the courtroom and the battlefield. The exact same equipment.

In most cases, we can extract all of the data from a mobile device, hard drive, even a drone, while you wait in the lobby. In many cases we can even bypass the phones PIN or lock feature. Of course, all of this is subject to very strict ethical and privacy considerations.

Comprehensive Reporting

Once the data is extracted from the device, the information is decrypted and organized into a useful report. For example, a timeline could be created showing where an individual was located, who they were communicating with, and what apps they were using during a specific period of time. This has been utilized in helping to locate missing and exploited children. In another possible scenario, a defendant in a lawsuit is accused of violating a restraining order by driving to close to the protected person’s home. A forensic analysis of the phone could reconstruct the defendant’s movements that day. The analysis could even determine whether the phone was connected to the defendant’s automobile at the time.

Affordable and Practical

A complete mobile extraction usually takes about an hour in our office and costs about $500. If a more detailed analysis of the information is required, then the cost would be more depending on the number of hours required to complete the project. Please call our office for additional information or to make an appointment to meet with a qualified operator.

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